Juice Cleanse Review: Fit Food LT

I have always been intrigued by the juice cleanse mania and wanted to try it out but never found the appropriate time to do it until now. I’m home for a couple of weeks and I’m going away to our lake house for a couple of days and decided to try out a one-day juice cleanse from Fit Food Lithuania . This brand has been around for a couple of years and my dad’s friend’s daughter is the owner so I thought I NEED to try this out. Rather than getting a smoothie or a wrap – I opted for the challenge of sticking to juices for the whole day. Although you can select either a 1 day, 3 day or 5 day cleanse, I chose the shortest one as I have never done a detox like this before + I chose quite a challenging set. This was the ‘Lieknoji’ or the ‘skinny’ program which has the lowest amount of calories, no nut or milk based drinks and is for those of us who want to see results instantaneously!

For €19 you get 5 drinks –

The Ener-chia: which they didn’t have when I went to the store, so I made my own- It’s alkaline water, lemon and chia seeds!

Super Zaliasis (super green): apples, cucumber, spinach, kale, romaine lettuce, celery, coriander, lime and ginger.

Gaivusis Tonikas (refreshing tonic): alkaline water, lemon, lime, agave nectar, ginger and cayenne pepper.

Zaliasis Eliksyras (green elixir) : apple, pineapple, spinach, lemon and ginger.

Karaliskos Saknys (royal roots): apple, pineapple, beetroot, spinach, coriander, lemon and mint.


At the start of the cleanse you are recommended to drink a hot cup of water- preferably with lemon to start up your metabolism and to drink tons of water throughout the day. The first drink is to be consumed at breakfast time and the other ones to follow up every 2-3 hours or when you’re feeling hungry. The last drink is recommended 2 hours before bed.

The nutritional information

Calories 2.532 kJ/ 605 kcal
Fat < 0,1 g
Saturated fats 0 g
Carbohydrates 142,4 g
From which sugars 129,5 g
Protein 9,6 g

I started the day off with a warm cup of water with a bit of lemon and that was lovely to wake up to- it definitely felt healthy!

I then made a chia drink as I couldn’t get my hands on the Ener-Chia: I added 1 tbsp of chia seeds to a glass, added a bit of lemon juice and topped up with water. Let the chia seeds soak for 20 minutes and then enjoyed this drink. It was a bit unusual though as I am used to really soaked chia seed drinks which turn more into puddings, but it was actually really nice!

We then set of to our lake house- on the way I had the super green juice as I felt a bit hungry:)


The super green was surprisingly very tasty! I was a bit worried about this one as it’s quite heavy in the vegetable ingredients but I really enjoyed this one. There is a very strong taste of coriander, celery and ginger as well as a bit of a sweetness from the apples. It is very fresh and gave me a lot of energy which I was surprised about as I was feeling a bit tired from the lack of coffee!

Then- while I was tanning by the lake I had several glasses of water and enjoyed the refreshing tonic. 


I loved this one! I’ve made similar drinks to this before as they are great at improving your metabolism plus they are really tasty! It’s like a spicy lemonade- perfect in the middle of a hot day! 

Before the next juice I was feeling quite hungry and craving meat but I controlled myself- had some water, some green tea and waited for my next juice which was the green elixir! I didn’t feel like having another juice but once I tried it- I loved it!

This one was delicious! Similar to the green smoothie from Pret a Manger! It was very fruity and fresh.

Then came my last juice which I was very excited to try as it had beetroot! To be honest by that time I actually wasn’t hungry or craving juice but I still drank it to have a full juice cleanse day:) 

Royal roots was very interesting- I could really smell the beetroot so I was a bit worried about tasting it, but my mom and I both loved it! The beetroot taste was quite potent but I could also taste the pineapple which made the juice refreshing and sweet. The mint was also a nice surprise- it made the juice a lovely one before bed. I didn’t crave anything else before sleep, which was very surprising but also- very good! I was surprised I stuck to it 100% and finished my first ever juice cleanse successfully!

Overall, I really enjoyed this experience. Sadly I had to make my own Ener-chia drink but other than that I followed the remainder of the cleanse 100%. I didn’t feel tired at all- surprisingly very alert and awake, although at lunch time I did crave some actual savoury food as all the juices were quite sweet. Other than that- I felt very good, very awake and feel like it really did do my body good:) This morning- one day after the cleanse I noticed my stomach was more flat and my skin is quite glowy- can’t complain abiut that! 🙂

I also enjoyed challenging myself and restricting what I can consume. After this juice day I’m really motivated to go and eat healthy food again! These cleanses are great for those who want to challenge themselves, try and cleanse their body or want to loose weight and kick-start a healthy diet after treating themselves a bit too much. I found it made me crave healthy meals more and helped me make healthier choices today! Hoping it will continue and encourage me to stick to a healthy diet!:)

Let me know if you have tried fitfood before or any other juice cleanse! I highly recommend the juices from this company and will aim to try out some of the other food and drinks they offer!

Also- please share some UK based juice cleanse companies so I can test them out as well when I get back to University!:) 

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