Recipe: Homemade Pizza

So Paulius (Youtube channel) showed me how to make homemade pizzas a couple of months ago and I think it’s time to share his recipe with you all! It’s only the base and tomato sauce that he gave me the recipe for as everything else can be catered to your own desire. Choose the toppings and make your own pizza as you wish! I know I’m definitely going to get a pizza pan in order to make some of these in the fall when I’m back at University! They are extremely delicious and actually quite healthy as the ingredients for the base and the sauce are so simple and fresh.

Recipe: Makes 3 large or 4 medium pizzas

For the base:

500 g flour

7g yeast

300-320ml warm water

Mix the ingredients together using your hands and knead the dough for a good 15-20 minutes to make sure the gluten in it is activated and allows the pizza base to become nice and chewy. Then split the pizza dough into 3 or 4 pieces and let these dough balls rest covered in a warm place for about an hour – until it doubles in size. Then take the dough, knead it a bit more and it’s ready to be formed to a base shape on a pizza pan (as in the photo below). Make sure you put plenty of olive oil on the pan to prevent it from sticking.

For the sauce:

1 cup of chopped canned tomatoes

handful of fresh basil



1 tbsp olive oil

Place all the ingredients into a blender. Add salt and pepper to your liking and olive oil if you wish. It adds a bit more moisture and then you don’t have to drizzle it later. Blend all the ingredients until a smooth and fragrant sauce forms. Spread this onto the pizza base before adding the toppings and baking. Add toppings as you like – we went for mozzarella, various cheeses, pancetta, prosciutto, spinach, BBQ sauce and arugula. You can design them to your own liking! I know I’m definitely going to try out a vegetable one and maybe a hawaiian pizza- with pineapple!

Bake pizza with sauce and toppings in a 200C degree oven for about 10 minutes. Take the pizza out, let it cool for 1-2 minutes, transfer to a board or plate and enjoy!

Here are some photos of the previous pizzas we made with him that were divine!

Let me know if you try this out and check out Paulius’ videos on his youtube channel – I have been on some of his videos if you want to see! πŸ™‚ As for more pizza recipes – I will post some as soon as I am back at University in the fall and attempt making some πŸ™‚

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