Weekend snapshots: 22nd Birthday Travels

Hi everyone! I’m a bit busy with packing and getting ready to go on holiday, so I’m sorry that the last few posts are quite light and simple but I will try and get some new recipes and reviews up asap! I’m going back home in a week and have tons of restaurants I want to write about so I hope you’re as excited as me to see some Lithuania-related posts! 🙂

Today I’m compiling some photos from my birthday weekend! Friday evening I had a lovely long walk around the area I live in and so some horses which are in the first photograph! Then Jonas and I went to Haltfield house on Sunday- that was so lovely and we had an amazing time! On Monday we had some amazing afternoon tea at the threadneedles hotel in London! I will definitely post more detailed blogpost on each of these visits separately when I’ve moved out!





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