Cafe Review: Knot Pretzels

Today I’m reviewing Knot Pretzels – a cute pretzel and coffee shop located at Clapham Junction Station. Those of you who have been to the train station, I’m sure you have walked past it and secretly got mad at yourself for not getting a pretzel to try. Let me just say – that was me for a couple of year until I tried them last year on my way to visit Jonas.

The shop is really cute – small and cosy with only a few seats as most people are in a rush between their daily travels. There is a wonderful display of normal and small sized pretzels of various flavors and a menu board of drinks to choose from. I also really liked the photos on the wall-  pretzels, staff and coffee!

I had previously tried some of the flavors out so I knew what I wanted when we went. They have a very wide range of pretzels to choose from… some of the flavors were cheese, pepperoni, Nutella praline, plain, lavender sugar and my favorite – cinnamon sugar! Apparently all of their ingredients are 100% natural and these babies are hand made in South of London.

Jonas had chosen the pepperoni pretzel – soft and chewy, cheesy and meaty. So delicious and perfect as a snack or quick lunch! One of our friends had gotten the Nutella praline pretzel which was divine! Exactly what you would expect – lovely amounts of Nutella and praline on a wonderfully warm and delicious pretzel. I think this may be my favorite way of eating Nutella!

And then like I said- my favorite is the cinnamon sugar pretzel so I chose that one! It was the perfect combination with a strong coffee early in the morning before we went to Windsor Castle! I love how soft and chewy it is. The sugar powder is oh so wonderfully sweet and I always crave more!

Just look how wonderful this looks!

I absolutely love this little pretzel shop! No wonder I always need to get something from there when I’m at Clapham Junction! Do try these out and let me know what you think! Next time I think I may go bold and try something different – like the lavender sugar!

Thanks for reading! ❤

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