Recipe: Antioxidant-rich blueberry smoothie

Today I’m  bringing you a healthy, naturally sweet and antioxidant rich blueberry and cacao nib smoothie! I tried it out the other day and had to share it with you! Hope you try this and my other smoothie recipes out!



3/4 frozen banana

1/2 cup fresh blueberries

1 tbsp cacao nibs

3/4 cup milk of your choice

1. Place all the ingredients in a blender and let it do it’s job!

I added some blueberries ad cacao nibs on top just for presentation. I live how naturally sweet and fresh it is plus it has a ton of fiber and is super healthy!


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  1. So, I’ve never used cacao nibs before. Do they make the smoothie a bit bitter, or does it just taste like chocolate? Because I sometimes put carob powder in my smoothies, and I’m wondering if the taste is similar.

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    1. Thanks for commenting, Chelsea! The cacao nibs do indeed have quite a bitter taste to them, but I personally like it and I think the banana and blueberries in this smoothie both overpower the bitter taste 🙂 hope this helps!

      thanks for reading my blog! 🙂

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      1. Ahh okay. Well, I’ll try anything once 😉 Thanks for answering my question, have a lovely Saturday! 🙂

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      2. Thank you!:) you too!

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