A platter for two

So a couple of weeks ago I made this wonderful platter of foods to share with Jonas alongside my lemon iced tea. Both of us really enjoyed it and I kept meaning to post it here so you can see what I made it of. If you want a more in depth post about platters and sharing boards – read one of my very first blogposts here! This will just be a very quick post to show you what I made the last time I prepared a platter 🙂

I had just received a package from my mom with lithuanian foods so I used a lot of them. In the pictures below you can see a variety of crackers and some lithuanian rye bread. I also got some corn tortillas and made my classic salsa to dip the tortilla chips in. On the wooden board I served some mini bell peppers, olives with feta, lithuanian turkey meat and sausage as well as some HECK italian chicken sausages. I also added some lithuanian cheeses, hummus and gherkins. This was so delicious and the iced teas were very refreshing.

There is something so special about sharing boards and platters that I love. I keep going back to them and making them quite often. Will definitely post about the next one I prepare 🙂


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