Afternoon Tea at The Grosvenor House Hotel – round #2 !

So about a month ago, when our friends from Lithuania were visiting us – we took them to one of our loved afternoon tea places. I already posted about our first experience at the Grosvenor House Hotel, but I thought I would do another quick post of what we were served the second time around! Not only was it a wonderful time in great company, but we were being served the Wimbledon tea special which came with some Wimbledon’s classic flavors and made me really happy 🙂


All of us chose different teas- I chose the Earl Grey as I wanted something traditional and quite simple to have with all the sweets I was about to enjoy!

 As per usual – the sandwiches were served before all the scones and pastries. We had quite a big selection –  a variety of cucumber & cream cheese, salmon, egg, prawn, beef, chicken and my favorite – the traditional ham and cheese. Before the sandwiches though – we were served the refreshing fruit cocktail. This was one of the things Jonas, Paulius and I loved about their afternoon tea last time. A refreshing combination of pineapple, mango and melon to start your experience and wake you up!


The scones were incredible- just like last time! And the desserts and pastries were divine! I really liked the strawberry and cream tartlet, yet the elderflower jelly was the favorite amongst us all – that was the one dessert we asked more of!

One thing that was quite new to us and was not offered the time before – was the selection of cakes to choose a slice from to enjoy at the end… or to take home with you in a wonderful carrier box if you are too full. I thought this made the experience extra special! I chose the hummingbird cake which I then had the next day and thought it was delightful! I’m sneaking in a beautiful photo of Jonas holding the box at Hay’s Galleria later that same day. I really love this photo of him (plus you get to see what the carrier box looks like!)


Just like the first time – I loved it! The live pianist in the corner behind us at the Park room was also incredible and he made this moment even more special. I really do urge you to go visit this hotel and have some afternoon tea there as so far – it has been our favorite place!

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  1. I have always wanted to try afternoon tea but it’s always so expensive! It definitely would have to be an occasion for that to happen for me! It must have been expensive but it looks like it was worth it!

    Heba xx || The Heba


  2. I love to go for afternoon tea when I visit London– what a treat! The pastries you had look beautiful

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