Cafe Review: Peyton & Byrne in Covent Garden

A couple of weeks back we went into London for a lovely lunch at Sushi Samba and then decided to stop at a cafe in Covent Garden to enjoy a few cakes with some coffee as a dessert. I’ve seen Peyton and Byrne in several other spots but never had the chance to go in so I was very excited to try this cute cafe/restaurant out. I also have a whole snapshots post on that weekend if you are interested 🙂

image   image

The Covent Garden cafe is situated in the perfect place – right next to the market. I love Covent Garden in general so the location was great for me. It was a bit crammed due to the small amount of space on the ground floor and only a few tables were present outside – but that’s what you get for a cafe in the center of London. Either way – the cafe was wonderful. I liked the laid back feel of it and the rustic displays of homemade looking cakes, sandwiches and quiches.

There was quite a big selection of cakes to choose from but Jonas, Paulius and I decided to pick 3 that were different so we could taste them all. Paulius got us some iced coffees and I chose the 3 cakes – Berry Cheesecake, Victoria Vanilla Sponge and Lemon Meringue. They also had some lovely looking cupcakes and a famous carrot cake which looked divine. I think I may need to try those out the next time I’m there 🙂


The coffees were on point – a rich and smooth iced coffee with a bit of milk and ice. No added sugar or any of that nonsense… perfect with the cakes I picked out.



When eating the cakes we all seemed to have similar opinions – the lemon meringue was a bit of a disappointment as the majority of it was just shortbread and a marshmallow meringue topping. Only a thin layer of lemon curd was present in the middle. We all decided that this was our least favorite purely due to the overpowering sweetness of the marshmallow and the lack of sufficient lemon taste. But the other two cakes did not disappoint!

Jonas and Paulius really loved the berry cheesecake- It was very rich and creamy and not too sweet. I also liked the fact that it was a miniature cake rather than a slice. My favorite was the Victoria vanilla sponge though – I never had a Victoria sponge before and now I understand why it is one of the traditional cakes in England. Such a lovely light sponge with vanilla whipped cream and really fresh strawberries. It was perfect, light and so refreshing.

The only other thing that kind of disappointed me was the fact that the cutlery and the plates were disposable… It may have just been this one day that we came but a real plate and fork would have made quite a difference in the feel of the cafe and made it a bit more fancy.

Overall though – I loved it. The coffee and the two cakes were incredible + the location is great!

Also- just a quick announcement! I filmed a couple of videos on YouTube with Paulius a couple of weeks ago and he is planning on posting the first one some time this week! Go check his channel out if you want to see those videos along with all the funny ones he has up already! Don’t forget to subscribe! 🙂 

until next time! – Enjoy ❤

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  1. Heba says:

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I wish I could have something sweet to eat!!

    Heba xx ||

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  2. Carly says:

    Looks so yummy! I am definitely a fan of iced coffee and dessert
    Dresses & Denim

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  4. Emma S. says:

    Looks delicious!


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