Restaurant Review : Sushi Samba!

So this weekend was incredible… if you haven’t seen my snapshots post filled with photos from my weekend, please do! You will see all the things I got up to in London with Jonas and his brother Paulius 🙂 One of the things we did was go to Sushi Samba for lunch on Saturday! It was Paulius’ birthday a couple of weeks back and my present to him was taking him out to lunch there. None of us had ever been but I had heard some amazing feedback about the restaurant + the photos online looked amazing – I knew I needed to visit it!

We went for a late lunch and I booked in advance, as they are extremely busy! Since it’s on the 39th floor of the Heron tower the view is amazing. People book tables months in advance and now I know why!

 The atmosphere was so cool. It was very hip and also quite relaxing. A weird combination, I know… but the open windows and the fake tree branches hanging from the ceilings kind of tricked me into thinking I was outside. We got seated at our table and were completely lost by the menu. There was so much to choose from, especially in the drinks menu! I didn’t know what to choose so our waitress recommended I try the Chucumber cocktail. I’m not a huge fan of cucumber flavored drinks, but let me tell you – I loved this! It was light and refreshing.. just what I wanted! Jonas got the Kaffirinha premium serve – which was presented really nicely but was quite strong and Paulius ordered the Nina Fresa.

   CHUCUMBER Fresh, Light
Hendrick’s gin, Japanese plum wine and Maraschino liqueur are shaken with freshly pressed
cucumber water, lime, sugar and plum bitters. Served ‘up.’

KAFFIRINHA Fragrant, Powerful
Our creative take on a Brazilian classic. Fragrant Kaffir lime leaves infused in cachaça,
churned with lime and sugar. Served short over crushed ice.

NINA FRESA® Fruity, Bitter, Sweet
An updated SUSHISAMBA classic with Ketel One vodka, strawberry, grapefruit and guava
shaken with rhubarb bitters, lime and sugar. Served ‘up.’

For a quick started we ordered the Wagyu Gyoza which came in a beautiful dish and again – the presentation was on point. As we had our first bites of the meal all of us were extremely pleased and surprised by how amazingly balanced the dish was. Not only was the presentation incredible, but the taste was superb. A soft, beautiful gyoza full of body and flavor.

WAGYU GYOZA kabocha purée, sesame and su-shoyu dipping sauce

We then ordered 3 different sushi rolls to share- Samba London, Tokyo Sky Tree and Sao Paulo. All of the rolls were beautiful. Again, they were presented beautifully and the flavors were incredible. This was the first sushi I tried that did not have anything missing. The rice was soft and perfectly cooked. It was easy to eat and full of flavor. I was also surprised by how good we felt after we finished eating. Sushi tends to make me extremely full but even after sharing all of these 3 sushi rolls we felt satisfied but not like we had overeaten. We were praising about how incredible this sushi was and how we have never tried better sushi before.

I think we agreed that Tokyo Sky Tree was our favorite! It had a bit of a spicy sauce on top that made it extra special and unique.


SAMBA LONDON crab, tuna, salmon, white fish, prawn, avocado, tempura crunch, rice cracker, Japanese pickles, wasabi mayo, aji panca, spicy mayo

TOKYO SKY TREE spicy bigeye tuna, tempura crunch, lotus root, aji panca, spicy mayo

SÃO PAULO scallop, masago, red onion, tuna, salmon, shrimp, white fish, avocado, truffle, hatcho miso soy, chive oil

Although the desserts on the tables around us looked very tempting, we decided not to get any as we felt like what we had was enough. The food, the location and the service was really really good. It was quite expensive, yet for the quality of the food plus the amazing view you get from the restaurant’s windows- it is worth it.

Jonas and I said we will have to come back in October when my parents come to London. My dad is a huge fan of sushi as well and I believe he will really enjoy this restaurant.

I really hope you try this restaurant if you have the chance!

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  1. Lindsay says:

    What a gorgeous meal!!! Totally going on the bucket list!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Happy to hear it!:) thanks for reading!:)


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