Weekend snapshots: Sushi and Cakes in London

This weekend was amazing! We celebrated Paulius’ belated birthday and had a really fun time. Next weekend will also be amazing since our friends from Lithuania are coming to visit us and we have some fun things planned! Since I enjoyed the weekend so much – I decided I will do a snapshots post! I have two of them up already – May weekend snapshots and my fun weekend at home. They were really fun for me to make and I also received  nice feedback from everyone as these show a bit more of what I do, the places I visit and the food I get to try!

Here’s a collection of photos-



We went to Sushi Samba and a cafe in covent garden on Saturday and I am going to do an entire post about our experiences so look out for those posts soon! 🙂

Also, Paulius and I filmed some really funny youtube videos for his YouTube channel – UrbanPaul 🙂 check his channel out- it’s awesome! Those videos will be up in a couple of weeks time!:)

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  1. Vygaudas says:

    Su gimtadieniu Paulių sveikiname!

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  2. Lovely pictures!!
    Dora give me a visti if you want! http://www.BangsBang.com

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  3. PerfectPesto says:

    I’m desperate to try Sushi Samba! Looking forward to reading your post about it.
    Daniela x


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    1. Thanks for visiting! Just wrote the post and it will go up tomorrow!:) hope you enjoy it and go visit sushi samba!:)


  4. That sushi looks amazing!

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