Girly evening – Spanish Tapas and Eton Mess!

  So earlier this week one of my friends from University came to visit me as she has just recently finished her degree and is working near by for the next couple of months. She is also lithuanian and I hadn’t seen her for almost a year so I was really happy to find out she is coming to visit me! When we planned it –  I knew right away where we were going to go and I was really excited. I met up with her after work and we made our way to a local restaurant I really enjoyed when I went there with my other friend a couple of weeks back. The last time I went there I had been really full so I didn’t try any of the food, just the cocktails… so this time – I knew I wanted to get some tapas for us to share!      We ordered a selection of ciabatta bread, hummus, feta cheese, calamari and hot chorizo and we both ordered some mojitos- I got a blackberry one and she got an original with strawberries! Everything was delicious and I said I will have to bring some of my friends from work and Jonas here to order some tapas!  As if we weren’t full as it is- we decided it was an occasion for us that we have finally met up after a year and treated ourselves to some dessert. She had a chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream whilst I ordered my first ever eton mess and had a cappuccino on the side. I loved the eton mess! It was very similar to a pavlova with the cream being the main ingredient. There were a lot of berries in it so I was really delighted!        It was a fun evening:)

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