Afternoon tea at Egerton House Hotel


I’ve posted about several other afternoon teas I have enjoyed in London: The Royal Garden Hotel and Grosvenor House Hotel. I go a bit more in depth about the whole experience and tradition in the other two posts but I have been waiting to post about the time we went to Egerton house hotel in Knightsbridge. 

Jonas, his brother and I went there to celebrate Jonas’ 23rd birthday. It was our second time and Paulius’ first. The place had a lovely lounge-like atmosphere and we got seated at a table by the bar. There was also a sofa near a fireplace that I would ask for next time. When looking back- since this afternoon tea lounge in the hotel was very relaxed it was a lot more intimate and felt like home rather than a restaurant.


The china was wonderful and quite feminine- floral plates and cups 🙂 as usual we picked out the traditional afternoon tea and chose the teas we wanted to drink. I chose a blooming tea and was extremely pleased to have gotten a clear glass tea pot as the blooming flowers were beautiful to see.

This was back in february so I don’t recall all the things we were served, but there were traditional finger sandwiches (we all really enjoyed the cucumber one), some wonderful fresh scones with jam and clotted cream (again endless resupply if we wanted more) and some amazing cakes. We were extremely full by the time we got to the cakes so we tried a few and shared them amongst ourselves. The cupcake was a dissapointment as there was no flavour in the frostinng but the others were incredible! Especially the frosted brownie- one of the fudgiest brownies I had ever tasted! The carrot cake was amazing as well!     

Overall- this was a great experience. It was a traditional tea with really great food and an incredibly relaxing atmosphere. The service was amazing and the hotel was in a wonderful place- especially for tourists. When we were looking for places to enjoy this ritual during easter I really wanted to come back here but I am really happy we decided to go to the Royal gardens hotel as we got to try out some other places. I would definitely go back- it was tasty and I felt very relaxed and pampered, but trying out new places is always fun!

Hope this post was informative and let me know if you’ve been here or are planning to 🙂 Also- read the other afternoon tea posts I have done to see a bigger variety of places.

Until next time- enjoy! 

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  1. pebubbles says:

    That looks great!

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    1. Thank you! ❤️thanks for reading!:)

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  2. I can never get enough posts about afternoon tea! I’ve had the tea at the Park Lane Hilton twice and it was fab (especially as they let you take home anything you couldn’t finish in a smart box). I’m really impressed with the amount of food you get at the Egerton. It looks great.
    Thanks for visiting my blog! 🙂

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  3. Cylia Moreau says:

    Great pictures! And it looks so lovely and delicious 🙂

    Cylia –

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    1. Thanks! Thank you for reading my blog!:)


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