Friday Favorites #2


Friday Favorites

It’s the end of another week and I’m here with another friday favorites post! I posted my first one several weeks back and decided it’s time I do another one for this week! If you haven’t seen my first post – here it is πŸ™‚

This week I have been loving a lot of things, so it was difficult to narrow it down! But before I get started… I shared my blog on Facebook today to all of my friends. If you are one of the people that saw me share it and decided to visit my blog- thank you so much and I hope you like it! I’m having a blast writing this blog and it has become one of my hobbies! ❀


1. Traveling home to Lithuania. So as you may have seen from my home sweet home and my snapshots posts – I had an amazing time while I was in Lithuania for the long weekend. It was absolutely amazing to be with my friends and family and just to relax and unwind from work. I could probably put in a million photos for this favorite, but check out my snapshots post to see some of the awesome stuff I got up to while I was there!



2. Macarons. Thanks to my mom and my brother I ate an incredible amount of these delightful french sweets. I used to be obsessed and I think the obsession is back… I love them and will have to keep myself from buying some when I see them since I am trying to eat healthy and workout as much as possible. Definitely waiting to treat myself with these babies!

3. T25. As you can tell from my previous favorite – I am trying to workout as much as possible & one of my goals for the summer was to start up T25 again. I started it this week and am following the plan as much as I can. Since I travel on the weekends to visit my boyfriend I am able to workout 4-5 times a week but I still think that’s quite good πŸ™‚  It’s an intense 25 minute high-intensity workout that does wonders and makes you sore for days! I really enjoy how much it challenges me and makes me push myself even further every time I workout.


4. Jo Malone Peony and Blush Suede Cologne. I bought this perfume back in the fall but have been loving it recently since it is very floral and very appropriate for spring and summer. I fell back in love with it this past week since I packed it with me to take on my trip as I have the small bottle and it was very convenient. I just think this floral, sweet, feminine scent is amazing for day and night… Jonas and I even bought my mom a candle in this scent for mother’s day! Available at Jo Malone. 

5. Game of Thrones. OBSESSED with this show. I am a bit behind on the new season (season 5) but I’m catching up right now. I was quite busy with work, travel and writing my blog that I completely forgot to watch! As I am typing this I have watched the first 4 episodes of the 5th series so no spoilers please! I have heard it’s not as good as the previous seasons but I am still really happy that it’s back and I have something to watch every week! Let me know if you are a GOT fan as well! My boyfriend, my brother, several of my colleagues and I definitely are!


6. SOS Gyvunai. A lithuanian organisation that takes care and shelters stray animals. I volunteered for them a couple of summers ago and when I was visiting home this past weekend I ran into their little glass house they now have at one of the most popular shopping malls in Vilnius- Akropolis. I posted about it on facebook as they constantly need food, toys, blankets and donations. Just a favorite of mine because I am really passionate about helping animals that need a home. Please donate if you can!

So that is that for this week’s favorites! I hope you enjoyed and let me know what your favorites for this week have been! A new recipe will be up on Sunday, but comment below any requests of things you would like me to post about! Always interested to see what you guys would like to read! πŸ™‚

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  1. LIthuania is just amazing in general. Can’t wait to come back!

    greetings from London,
    Elena Urba >

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree:) thanks for visiting!:)


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