Relax: my tips on how to unwind and destress 

As I am home this weekend (home being Lithuania), I have been enjoying my time with my family and friends but also- relaxing and unwinding from any work and deadline related stress. I thought I’ll post about it with photos as examples of what I did this weekend in hopes of helping my readers out:)


Sometimes we all get caught up in our everyday routine and feel like we have too much to do and start to stress and wear ourselves out. Getting away and travelling is always a great way of taking a break and relaxing- changing your surroundings already makes you feel more alive and rejuvenated even if you may not be doing anything too exciting! For those of us who can’t travel and change our surroundings, I have a short list of things I recommend for women AND men if they just want to relax, destress or even just have a calm day. 

1. Pamper yourself : whether that’s a bath (which I love to take) or getting a professional massage or manicure- all of these things will make you feel happy and pretty. It may sound shallow, but little things like this make all the difference in how we feel and how we take on the day.

2. Read a book: travel, go on adventures, live a different life just by reading. When I get into a book I start feeling like I’m actually part of it, overlooking everything and am away from any worries or stress in my life. My boyfriend always reminds me – ‘those who read books live thousands of lives in their lifetime, those who don’t- live one’. Grab a book, a warm drink and set sail away from your worries 🙂


3. Excersize: practising yoga, being quite, letting your mind relax and at the same time challenging your body physically does wonders. Walking, running, cycling- being outside and making your heart race will let your mind free and and you will feel happy immediately afterwards.

4. Chocolate: may not be the healthiest thing to offer, but sweets make all of us feel better. A little bit won’t do you any harm especially since chocolate is full antioxidants but also amino acids that are used to produce serotonin- a neurotransmitter that makes us feel happy and endorphins which reduce the feeling of pain and stress:) 

5. Cuddle up: grab a book, a magazine, a hobby of yours or hug a loved one and just relax. Let your hair down, turn off your phone, take a nap… enjoy life and these free moments of relaxation that we all need to give ourselves every single day.



6. Write: just like reading – it lets you get away from a million thoughts in your head and makes you focus on one thing only. Write a story, a to-do list, a fairytale…. Writing is just something that will keep you occupied without making you feel like it HAS TO BE DONE. Who knows- you may write a masterpiece! 🙂 


Have a lovely weekend, relax and take some time for yourselves❤️ let me know if you try any of my suggestions! 

Speak to you soon!

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  1. Laney says:

    Thanks for the suggestions! I’ve always found being outdoors as a way for me to distress. Nothing beats views of a beautiful sunset, or a walk by the beach. I particularly love to hike. The trails can be challenging sometimes, but the views always make it worth the trouble.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I totally agree with you! Happy you found this post helpful! ❤ thanks for reading!


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