Importance & Tips: Drinking Water and Staying Hydrated

So we all hear about how important hydration is to our bodies, but sometimes it’s just too difficult to drink that large amount of water each day, so I decided to do a quick post on the key importance of drinking water + how to make it more fun!


Drinking water not only flushes out toxins and fills up your stomach immediately suppressing your appetite, but it is also extremely important for normal body function. Cells need water to maintain their turgor pressure and the correct pH levels which in turn allows them to carry out their needed function. If we do not hydrate – our body will lack energy, we will be tired, have a slow metabolism and fat loss will be slowed down. Water aids in fat loss and helps with the plumpness of our skin cells – something people pay tons of money for when buying eye creams and firming face creams.

Allowing us to stay energized and look and feel our best when only doing 1 health-conscious thing sounds pretty good to me. Especially since its free and everywhere!

A recommendation of around 1.5-2 liters/day should be consumed by grown ups. I think its a pretty challenging task if you’re on the run or just aren’t a huge fan of water, so I will quickly share my tips with you:)

1. Carry a water bottle with you EVERYWHERE – it will remind you to drink it + if it’s heavy you’ll want to lighten your handbag. Having a cute one is even better!

2. Add fresh and frozen fruit and berries + mint leaves to your water. Infusing water gives it a nice, delicate taste and makes it a lot more pleasant to drink. I find it even better than juices or cordials- plus a hundred times healthier!


large-3  large-4

3. Drink a glass of water in the morning. If you start your day off with water your body will right away be more awake and you will form that habit for the rest of the day to keep hydrated.

4. Reward yourself (kind of). So what I do to stay motivated to drink water and especially if I’m out of the house – either out in town or at work- is I only allow myself to have a tea/coffee or cocktail IF i’ve just had a tall glass of water. At work I try and aim to drink at least half of the water I have in my 0.6 liter water bottle for each cup of tea or coffee I get. This makes you want to drink water since you know you’ll be able to go get that other drink you have been craving for! Who knows – you may find out you didn’t even want that caffeinated drink and water was all you needed!

I hope this post will keep you motivated and make it easier to stay hydrated! Let me know if you have some tips on how to stay hydrated more easily!

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Speak to you on sunday, when I’ll be posting a healthy baking recipe!

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  1. Ken Anderson says:

    Thoughtful and very helpful article.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!:) hope you enjoy the blog!


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