Graze box of the week #1

Good morning, lovelies!

Today I decided to post a quick and sweet little update as I received my Graze box when I got home last night and decided to share what I got this week! If you don’t know about graze – it’s a subscription box where you can also get one-off boxes either weekly, every fortnight or monthly of 4 snacks in controlled portions! There are a million of different packs to choose from which allows you to control the type of snacks you receive – for instance they have a chocolate box, savoury box, protein box and many more. The one I have signed up for is the light box – all snacks being <150 calories and super delicious!

Another thing I love about graze is that you get to rate your snacks and let them know if you would like to receive a specific item again! 2 of the snacks I got this week were actually ones I had said I loved previously and have had them multiple times – the others I am excited to try out!

the snacks arrive in a small cardboard box and fit into most mail boxes or slots in the doors – no hassle picking it up if you missed the delivery!

This time I got 2 of my favorites:

Super carrot cake – which comes with a afternoon infusion tea if you want to enjoy it properly

Veggie sushi plate – a selection of ginger and nori peanuts, wasabi peas & seaweed rice crackers.

And 2 snacks that I don’t recall trying before, but I may have 🙂

Triple berry smoothie – mini dried strawberries, bananas, cranberries and blueberries.

Hot Cross Yum – orange flavored raisins, cinnamon & almond honey and sponge biscuits.

really excited to try these out! If you guys want I can do a review or do an update each time I get a new box and let you know if I liked the ones I got the previous time around? 🙂 let me know in the comments!

Have a lovely friday!

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