Recent obsession- smoothie bowls

I have always been a smoothie person… I love them! If you read my healthy chocolate, banana and PB smoothie recipe post, you will know that I have a recipe which I couldn’t stop making when winter was over and the spring arrived. Smoothies are delicious and extremely satisfying in the warmer spring and summer months when our bodies CRAVE fresh and cold fruit! Recently I have been experimenting with my wonderful nutri-ninja and have been creating many different smoothies. It has come to the point that I have either a smoothie or a smoothie bowl for breakfast and for dinner on most days now. I think this is the biggest my smoothie addiction has been in a while. What can I say? They are sweet, filling, full of nutrients and at the same time extremely easy to make. Just decide what you want to add and blend!

Drinking a smoothie is great as it’s convenient and fast, but since I tend to have them almost 2 times a day, I started making smoothie bowls! It’s a nice way of adding more variety to a recipe you already love and it makes the meal seem more complete 🙂

I’ve collated several photos of a couple types of bowls I have made over the week. Some of the smoothie bowls I’ve been enjoying have been acai, berry, green and even my chocolate smoothie recipe with a bit of tweaking.



As you can see from these photos, a smoothie bowl normally has toppings on top in order to make the meal a bit more satisfying. You can add granola, nuts, seeds, fruit – I love adding coconut, peanut butter, cacao nibs and berries to mine. If you want to try it out – just make sure to make your smoothie thicker than usual in order to be able to eat it using a spoon 🙂

I’m planning to post several smoothie bowl recipes soon. Before I actually finish testing the recipe and making it perfect I wanted to do a very quick post to introduce this cool new trend and to just say – I’m obsessed. Let me know if you have tried them before and if you have any requests in the comments! 🙂

Keep your eye out for an Acai bowl recipe coming next week alongside one very sinfully delicious & sweet English dessert recipe.


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  1. anonymouse85 says:

    These look delicious, such a good idea. ❤


    1. Thank you! Definitely worth a try!:) ill post my Acai bowl recipe in the next few days!:)

      Liked by 1 person

  2. mummyflowers says:

    Oh my goodness – I never feel hungry until I read your posts! I could have this right now…….


    1. Oh, you’re sweet!:) Thanks for reading!:) hope you try out my acai bowl once I’ve posted the recipe!:)


  3. simplydelish says:

    Yum!! Yours look lovely and great presentation too! Will have to try that combination


    1. Thank you! 🙂 let me know if you try it out! 🙂


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