Platters – the perfect way of sharing food

So as I started my blog I was also reminiscing on the wonderful platter that I set up for my boyfriend and myself to share the day before. As I live in the UK (fun fact you may not know) and am originally from Lithuania (fact #2) I was extremely pleasantly surprised when my mom decided to send me a care package of wonderful lithuanian foods and snacks.

Now- our food is normally quite heavy and fatty as the weather there is a bit more extreme when compared to London or the States, but in the summer time- we have a plethora of fresh fruits, berries and vegetables (Traditional lithuanian food post will eventually be on here as well!) . The package consisted of endless amounts of chocolate, cheese, biscuits, rye breads and cured sausages and meats- the perfect ingredients to make a platter to enjoy alongside my homemade hummus, some vegetables & grapes as well as white wine on a lovely friday evening.

The photo below is of the platter I set up for us to enjoy. Must say that the hummus (which I am still perfecting), the smoked cheese, sweet pickle and make your own caprese salad were our favorites!

All about platters:

So, what is a platter? Well, technically its that shallow plate or dish on which food is served, but in my terms – its an awesome sharing  board. A flat surface (if you want to stay fancy and traditional) on which a variety of snacks are nicely displayed and put in a way in which the eater can pick what they want to eat. I believe that they are a very trendy, fun and different way of dining – not your traditional 2 or 3 course dinner.

The fun of it? Well there are several fun parts, but one of them is the social aspect. 

Who doesn’t love sitting at a table at someone’s house, having a lovely evening while enjoying fancy bite size food which you can select your self? Talking about the food, the different parts of a sharing platter or board, joking about that stinky but delicious blue cheese & stealing the last few grapes is purely just fun and enjoyable. It’s also great for those picky eaters that do not want to leave a plate full of food because they don’t like or can’t eat something – a platter gives them a choice.

My other favorite part about food platters? The amazing variety that you can get or create yourself these days!

Of course pre-made ones are always in stores. Consisting of a variety of crudités, hummus, cheeses and dips – it’s the perfect FAST choice. But in my opinion – making a platter from scratch, planning, displaying and playing around with the combinations is the most fun way of doing it. You get the ability of designing your own little world of food (I get way too excited about this).

Want to keep it classy? Cheese, grapes, olives & some breadsticks!

Want to keep it hip? Honey, figs, prosciutto, sweet peppers, caramelized nuts…

Want it sweet? a dessert platter! – chocolate, strawberries, mini brownies, single servings of apple crumble.

The list goes on and on…

Here are just a few photos that I have taken or  found online- just to show you the range of sharing platters you can create at home yourself!

Photo by me
Photo by me
photo credit- foodfoodfoody on Tumblr
photo credit – foodfoodfoody on Tumblr
Photo credit-
photo credit-
photo credit-

after viewing all those beautiful sharing boards and platters I bet you are craving one as much as I am…! The good thing about the growing popularity of these platters – many restaurants tend to have them on their sharing and appetizer menus these days and you can have a feel of them before trying and assembling your own 🙂

If you do decide to make your own – make sure you have a selection of 3-4 cheeses (ranging from soft to hard), some smoked, cured or just cooked bite-size pieces of meat, veggies and something refreshing to cleanse the palette in-between those rich savory flavors. I like apples, grapes or strawberries 🙂 

Do let me know if you decide to create some wonderful platters! Send me pictures and I hope this becomes a favorite in your household as well!


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  1. Coba says:

    Oh, this looks devine! I never had a platter in my life, but I’ve seen them popping up here and there. Looks, like they’re getting more trendy now. If I ever have someone over for lunch, I’ll surely try to make this. It sounds like a fun thing. Also, I’m looking forward to your blogpost about lithuanian food!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank you so much for reading! 🙂 send me a picture if you ever do get around to making one yourself! 🙂 x


  2. jennylherman says:

    Wow! Your platters look amazing! Fresh flowers always make a setting that much more enticing:) Whenever we want a fun and relaxing date night in (or on the back porch) my boyfriend and I love to make platters too! The more cheese and olives the better! Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They are the perfect treat!:) a great time to share with loved ones!:)

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Heba says:

    Mmmmmm cheese! The death of me!

    Heba xx ||


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